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Hello and welcome!
Pure Audio has transitioned to a new phase, and we are currently not active.
However our talented senior engineer - Steve Heinke - is totally available to record, edit, sound design and mix your project for you - only now it will be under his own independent business, Mountains Of Sound.
And if you need casting and talent recommendations, you can reach out to the incredible Kathy Levin - also working as an independent business.
As for me? I’ll continue raising my kids, pestering my awesome wife, working on special audio projects and being an active entrepreneur. 
We are not disappearing or tearing down our new location in South Lake Union.
Steve and Kathy will continue to have access to the facility - including archives, as will I.
You can reach Steve and Kathy at their email addresses below if you would like to chat or hire them for your project.
We are beyond thankful that you have given us the chance to do the work we love in the most uncompromising and creative way for more than 24 years. We grew up together, comforted each other after 9/11, came through the great recessions, and watched each other’s children become adults. Thank you. 
We are transforming...but staying Pure.
...If you would like to chat about an upcoming project with Steve or Kathy, you’ll be able to reach them at:
Mobile: (425) 785-7422
Mobile: (206) 799-9678
Very best regards,
Paul Goldberg
Pure Audio

August 2020

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